VOAD Toolbox


Utah VOAD Capabilities and Services

VOAD Capabilities/Services Matrix: Emergency Managers and VOAD Partners can use this tool to understand what services each Utah VOAD partner may be able to provide. Then they can contact the desired organization via the "VOAD Contacts" link below. This is a living document and is subject to change.

VOAD Capabilities/Services Definitions: This document helps you understand what each identified capability/service entails.  This list mirrors the VOAD Capabilities/Services Matrix. This document is forthcomming.

VOAD Contacts: Emergency Managers and VOAD Partners can use this document in conjunction with the Matrix to contact the VOAD partner that performs the capability/service needed.  Or to contact VOAD leadership see the "VOAD Organization" tab in this document, or see "Find a VOAD" on the website. 

VOAD Marketing Toolkit

VOAD Marketing Toolkit: The tools in this toolkit are in a Google shared drive. This is provided to help local VOAD's replicate such tools for use at the local level. Currently Utah VOAD, Region 1 VOAD, and Region 2 VOAD has an existing tablecloth, pull-up banner, and more that could be used at local events to promote VOAD. 

Community Risk Maps

Flood Risk Map: Zoom all the way in to the location of your choice to see accurate flood risks.

Utah Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal: See wildfire risk near you.

Crime Map: Click on "Explore The Map" and see what crimes are happening in your area.

Geologic Hazard Maps: Including earthquake fault lines, liquifaction and more.

Current Disaster GIS Data Feeds

  Google Crisis Maps

Wildfire Activity Maps on InciWeb

Earthquake Activity Maps on USGS  

Cant Find a VOAD Near You: Become a VOAD Champion, Start a VOAD

In Utah, VOAD can exist at the City level, County level, Multi-County level called Regions, State level, and National level.  

If there is no VOAD near you then you could become a VOAD Champion to start a VOAD near you.  Do this by clicking on the button below to see the National VOAD LEAD program training modules 1 and 2 to find out how to start one. 

Existing VOAD's can be a great support in helping get a local VOAD started.  

Let Utah VOAD know if your planning on starting a local VOAD by contacting the current Utah VOAD leadership found on the "Find a VOAD" page, and they will include you in the support network.