VOAD Toolbox


Utah VOAD Capabilities and Services

VOAD Capabilities/Services Matrix: Emergency Managers and VOAD Partners can use this tool to understand what services each Utah VOAD partner may be able to provide. This is a living document and is subject to change.

VOAD Capabilities/Services Definitions: This document helps you understand what each identified capability/service entails.  This list mirrors the VOAD Capabilities/Services Matrix. This document is forthcomming.

VOAD Partner Contacts: Emergency Managers and VOAD Partners can use this document in conjunction with the Matrix to contact the VOAD partner that performs the capability/service needed.  

VOAD Marketing Toolkit

VOAD Marketing Toolkit: The tools in this toolkit are in a Google shared drive. This is provided to help local VOAD's replicate such tools for use at the local level. Currently Utah VOAD, Region 1 VOAD, and Region 2 VOAD has an existing tablecloth, pull-up banner, and more that could be used at local events to promote VOAD. 

Community Risk Maps

Flood Risk Map: Zoom all the way in to the location of your choice to see accurate flood risks.

Utah Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal: See wildfire risk near you.

Crime Map: Click on "Explore The Map" and see what crimes are happening in your area.

Geologic Hazard Maps: Including earthquake fault lines, liquifaction and more.

Current Disaster GIS Data Feeds

  Google Crisis Maps

Wildfire Activity Maps on InciWeb

Earthquake Activity Maps on USGS  

Cant Find a VOAD Near You: Become a VOAD Champion, Start a VOAD

In Utah, VOAD can exist at the City level, County level, Multi-County level called Regions, State level, and National level.  

If there is no VOAD near you then you could become a VOAD Champion to start a VOAD near you.  Do this by clicking on the button below to see the National VOAD LEAD program training modules 1 and 2 to find out how to start one. 

Existing VOAD's can be a great support in helping get a local VOAD started.  

Let Utah VOAD know if your planning on starting a local VOAD by contacting the current Utah VOAD leadership found on the "Find a VOAD" page, and they will include you in the support network.