Become a VOAD Partner

If you are part of a non-profit, non-government organization that helps when disaster strikes consider having your organization partner with a VOAD near you. 

You can

Contact an existing VOAD to let them know your interest,


Go here to let Utah VOAD know your organization is interested in joining a state level or local VOAD.  Utah VOAD can connect you with a local VOAD near you.

My Organization is Interested

Cant Find a VOAD Near You: Become a VOAD Champion

In Utah, VOAD can exist at the City level, County level, Multi-County level called Regions, State level, and National level.  

If there is no VOAD near you then you could become a VOAD Champion to start a VOAD near you.  Do this by clicking on the button below to see the National VOAD LEAD program training modules 1 and 2 to find out how to start one. 

Existing VOAD's can be a great support in helping get a local VOAD started.  

Let Utah VOAD know if your planning on starting a local VOAD by contacting the current Utah VOAD leadership found on the "Find a VOAD" page, and they will include you in the support network.

Become a VOAD Champion: How to Start a VOAD